Custom Sterling Silver Name Necklace

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Product description

Hand-cut solid sterling silver custom name necklace 

When you order, and send me the name you'd like (up to 9 letters), I will then send you a selection of font samples of the name, so you can choose which you like best :)

I'm also adaptable with regards to size of name (if you have a preference), and length of chain.. If you have no preference, I will use my discretion ;)

Type of chain normally used is a Belcher chain, as pictured, and item normally takes about a week to manufacture..

Gold Plating Option

If you would like to have your sterling silver item gold plated (yellow or rose gold), please select this!

For an additional R150 per piece, I will plate as per your choice - a lovely addition :)

Please just remember to specify which piece you would like plated, if you order more than 1 item, & make sure to select the number of pieces to plate!