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Are you looking for a practical way to organize your life, make daily tasks easier to manage, and make sure every member of the family is on the same page? Our Magnetic Fridge Calendar & Memo Set is the perfect combination of style and utility, for efficient and beautiful time management!


📆 Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar & Memo Set: This stylish clear acrylic magnetic calendar panel and memo set allows for plenty of information to be written and organized. The 16"x12" inches or 12"x8" inch panel saves space while organizing your and your family's daily life.

🚫 Ultra Clear Marker & Easy Erase: The markers write smoothly and the fast-drying ink prevents fading and smudging. The ink can be easily erased off with a blackboard eraser or a damp cloth for easy reuse.

💪 Strong Magnet Design: 4 strong magnets make for a firmly attached calendar on multiple metal surfaces so there is no need for installation. The calendar can easily be removed and take up no space, making it very convenient and practical.

Clear Acrylic Premium Material: Made of clear acrylic high-quality material, the transparent acrylic calendar panel will not obscure the appearance of the refrigerator and will not scratch or break easily.

📝 Perfectly Plan Your Daily Life: The Magnetic Fridge Calendar and Memo Set helps keep your daily planning neat and organized and keeps your life clutter-free. Use it to record weekly plans, monthly plans, shopping lists and other important information.


- Magnet: 4 small
- Dimensions: 16"x12" inches or 12"x8" inches
- Thickness: 0.12 inches


1. Place the magnetic calendar on a flat refrigerator or metal surface.
2. Use the provided markers to write your family's tasks, shopping lists, and planned events.
3. Use an eraser or a damp cloth to erase the written information.


Q: Is the marker ink easily erasable?
A: Yes, the fast-drying ink from the markers can be easily erased off with a blackboard eraser or a damp cloth.

Q: Are there magnets included?
A: Yes, there are 4 small magnets included for easy attachment to a refrigerator or other metal surface.

Product size: 40cm*30cm*0.4cm/15.75x11.81x0.16in
Product List:
Acrylic Calendar*1